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Local and International Music on the Radio | How music travels from country to country

International Music Festivals and Motels

When it comes to talk about the local and international music scene, that reminds me of how things were back then. Back then, it was much harder to get access to international music. So for instance, if I wanted to get my hands on the single of a particular Japanese artist, it would be a much more difficult thing to do. Back in the day, I couldn’t just go into a record store and find the album that I was after. I remember that sometime later, record stores would begin to have sections devoted to international acts, such as Japanese musicians, but the selection was usually fairly limited, and the prizes were usually more expensive than normal.

I remember that there were times when, in order to hear music from a particular artist that I liked, I would actually consider traveling to that artist’s country. I would try to time my travel plans so that I could also try to catch that artist in concert, let’s say in Japan. And then, while I was there, I would try to buy the album or albums at the local record stores. Well, that was the plan anyway. It seemed like an exciting mix of international travel and music. In the end, however, it didn’t quite push through.

I remember that I was trying to find places to stay. Usually, I’d like to stay somewhere nice, like one of the Bella Vista – Palmerston North motels, or something like that. But I was even considering staying someplace much smaller or not as nice. As long as I could make the trip work, that would be good enough. I’d be willing to put up with not so nice accommodations, just so that I could attend a music festival or concert. Well, things are much different now, and there are many conveniences thanks to better and more widespread technology.

How music travels from country to country